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Lake Management Services in Texas

Don’t forget about our Lake Management services. Danbury Fish Farms also manages fish habitats, lakes and urban locations:

• Danbury will analyze lakes/ponds and surrounding habitat
to maximize potential.

• Danbury develops short and long term programs for
client lakes and ponds.

• Danbury custom designs and implements recreational
and trophy bass fisheries management programs.

Much much more!

Danbury Fish Farms Remains The Best Texas Fish Hatchery

Danbury Fish Farms is the oldest and largest Texas Fish Hatchery offering various species and quantities of freshwater fish for sale. Our operation has been selling fish for sfish for stocking pondstocking ponds to families, ranchers, and businesses for over 40 years. After we incurred some storm damage in 2008, we turned a bad situation into an opportunity for growth and renewal.

We are fortunate to have met and partnered with Joe “Cuatro” Strack IV of J4 Fencing & Services based out of El Campo, Texas, to facilitate the reconstruction of a new and improved Danbury Fish Farms! With Cuatro, we started from the ground up, building new offices, fish hatcheries, and fish holding facilities. New piping and plumbing ensure the safety of our fish for stocking ponds and create a streamline transfer and delivery process to our customers. These improvements have left us with a state-of-the-art facility that solidifies Danbury Fish Farms as the best Texas Fish Hatchery.

We are proud that our new facilities can welcome old and new customers seeking freshwater fish for sale. We have recently worked with many large golf courses and Texas ranchers who need freshwater fish for stocking ponds.Danbury Fish Farms Danbury Fish Farms has an on-site fisheries’ biologist and a combined 40 years of experiencing in raising freshwater fish and managing lakes and ponds.

If you need freshwater fish for sale or consulting and management for fish farms, lakes, or ponds please call Danbury Fish Farms today at 979-922-8414. We produce the biggest largemouth bass, prized Florida brood fish, our famous “Legacy bass” and more! We gladly share our knowledge and passion of fish and fisheries with our customers, leaving you satisfied and excited about your new stock! Please visit Cuatro’s J4 Fencing & Services website for all of your ranch fencing and construction needs!

Customers Enjoy Our New Building

Our “New Building” gets its debut at recent Slab Sale.

On September 19, we had our first slab sale in our newly constructed building. Many of the customers who come to our Monthly slab sales are loyal repeat customers and upon arrival they gave us great reviews and welcomed the “new” setting and our newly established fish holding tanks. This was a long time coming and was like a breath of fresh air servicing our customers in this new setting. For those customers who have never visited one of our slab sales, these photos, may help you visualize our process and give you “fish fever” for the future.

Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 012

Fish are Seined and Prepared for shipment – Fish for stocking ponds are seined from our freshwater lakes and transported with our hauling truck into one of our larger holding tanks. See picture to the left. The fish are then graded, treated and transferred into our smaller tanks where they are readied for shipment to our customers on the day of the slab sale.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 051Upon arrival customers meet with a Danbury Fish Farms representative and pay for their fish. In the photo to the right, Kay Roy helps one of our customers with their paperwork. During this process they usually have fisheries related questions they need to have answered so it is a good time to gather informaiton while asking questions. Many customers love sharing their fishing report from their own fishing trips to their lakes. Many times the fishing report helps us better serve the customer because we notice important key indicators from the fishing report. Because we want our customers’ fishing trips to be highly productive, we go the extra mile to work with our customers on their goals for their fisheries.



Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 043After paying for their fish, the customer’s curiosity has got the best of them. They usually meander around to the various holding tanks to observe the various types and sizes of fish for stocking ponds.  Because fish are seperated by species and sizes, customers usually get to see a lot of fish variety from our own freshwater lakes of our fishery.  In this photo, dad looks on as his 4 sons inspect their fish.


                                                                                                                                                      Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 031The fish are then  dipped up, counted and then eased into heavy plastic bags along with a pre-determined amount of water. The bag is then aired up with oxygen, which supplies the life support system for the fish. In the picture to the right, Brent Zwahr Jr. and Fidel Cardoza bag up a customers fish.




Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 064

 Our customers sometimes travel long distances to receive their fish for pond stocking from our fish farm. These fish are stocked into customers’ freshwater lakes and ponds across the South. In the picture to the left you can see the Danbury Fish Farm Staff loading the Live-Pak containers into this customers’  vehicle.


Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 035It is our goal to help all our customers and their families develop greal lakes and ponds for their families, friends, colleagues and/or business associates  to enjoy consistent and successful fishing trips to their lakes and ponds for years to come.  As you can see, the Slab Sales are exciting times for those who come down to Danbury to experience our fisheries operations and pick up their fish. If you have a pond to stock, give us a call today at 979-922-8414 to place your order for fish and schedule your time to pick up your fish at our next Slab Sale.

Danbury Fish Farm Gets “Long Awaited” Facelift.

In late 2008, Hurricane Ike, like so many other hurricanes, made it’s way down “hurricane alley” and plowed right into Galveston, only 30 miles East of Danbury. Danbury was on the West side of the storm and while not receiving the “brunt” of the storm, our fisheries facility got our fair share.
Hurricane Ike rips Galveston and Danbury.

Hurricane Ike rips Galveston and Danbury.

The Danbury fish hatchery and holding  facility where we held all our fish for stocking ponds was literally torn to shreds as is shown in the photographs on the left.  After that came Gustav, and it seemed to NEVER stop raining for months. All our freshwater lakes went somewhat unharmed. Once the monsoons eased a bit, in the latter paft of 2008, we just scrapped,and picked up pieces, trying to make the best of it with what we had left of the scraps. During 2009 and the first half of 2010, we operated in very much of “make shift” condition and appearing  like “gypsies” living in tents, as we waited to hear from insurance companies, potential disaster loans, and finally a long, long drawn out bank loan process that we thought would “never end”…. our governmnent at work!!!!!  We certainly have a HUGE appreciation for those who receive storm and other damage and live with the “blue tarps” over their rooftops seemingly forever.  We struggled, scrapped, and scraped as we “made do” during these times. We appreciate the patients and understandings from all our loyal customers, friends and colleagues.

Kenny and Cuatro discuss plans for new offices, hatchery and holdiing facilities

Kenny and Cuatro discuss plans for new offices, hatchery and holdiing facilities

During the first quarter of 2009, Kenny had gotten re-acquainted with Joe Strack, Sr. (III) and Joe Strack (IV) “Cuatro”, and formed a future strategic partner alliance that seeemed to fit perfectly into the Legacy Farms and Ranches of Texas business model that Kenny and his partner Gardner Reynolds had been planning and organizing since latter part of 2008.  It was such a “natural fit” for Cuatro, who was just finishing the building construction phase of a large project for Bayer Corporation, to jump right in on the ”ground floor” planning for Danbury’s new facilities. In keeping with the “Legacy Concept” of doing first things first, and doing things right from the start, Kenny and Cuatro went to work and created the plans for the new offices, fish hatchery and fish holding facility.  Once all the plans were drawn and finalized, then the loan process, which seemed to take forever, began. Upon approval of the loan, the building was ordered and delivered, and then Pre-Construction began.


Pre-Construction Site Preparation

Pre-Construction Site Preparation

As with most any construction project, the site clean up and preparation has to first be accomplished. The site preparation accomplishes all the pre-construction clearing, dirt moving, and clean up to provide for the construction start up. In Danbury Fish Farm’s case, the old building had to be entirely removed. Then we had to establish temporary electrical power so we could continue to operate a “make shift” fisheries holding location for our fish for stocking ponds. The freshwater lakes holding the fish as well as our customers were screaming for the “show to go on”. Our first order of construction business was to first drill out deep cylindrical borings so that we could install concrete bell bottom  footings. The picture to the left shows where a few of these footings were drilled.


Setting the Main Beams

Setting the Main Beams

When the the concrete footings were poured, anchor bolts were placed on the top surface so as to receive the square footing of the main beams, that spanned the building. The picture to the left shows the lift crane setting the main building beams in place, after which they were securely bolted down and fastened. Once the concrete cured, then the main beams of the building  bolted down directly on top of these footings.




C channeling for roof support

C channeling for roof support

After the main beams were erected,  then a series of C channels that spanned the entire length of the building are placed and secured to the top of the main beams, being evenly spaced so as to equally carry and support the roofing sheets that would then follow. The offices had been framed out and all the sheeting on the perimeter of the office as well as the sheeting on the sides of the building were installed prior to installing the roof sheeting. All the sheeting is screwed down with self tapping and self sealing metal screws. By this time we were seeing progress in the making and knew our freshwater lakes were soon to get a “work out” as the fish for stocking ponds were soon to be returning to our new fisheries facilities.

At last we were "dried in", looking like a fish farm again!

At last we were "dried in", looking like a fish farm again!

About 2 weeks after clearing the site, we actually had a roof over our head and we were looking like a real fish farm again. The minute the last roofing sheet went on, we were “fast tracking” to install all our bracketing and bracing that would soon support all our new plumbing that had to be installed for our fish hatchery and all our fish holding and grading tanks. Since we were “starting from scratch”, we had to plan and lay this all out so that it was neat, orderly, and fully functional. In order the the fish for stocking ponds that we harvest from all our freshwater lakes be kept in excellent condition while grading and holding they have to have adequate amounts of oxygen and quality water.



Lake water, well water and air supply plumbing for every tank was installed

Lake water, well water and air supply plumbing for every tank was installed

Fish are harvested, with harvest seines, from our freshwater lakes. They are then loaded into the harvest trucks and transported into the fisheries holding facility and dumped through pipes carrying water and fish (you can see one of these pipes in the picture to the left), into one of the many holding tanks you see  in the background. In order that these fish for stocking ponds we have harvest from the freshwater lakes be kept in excellent condition while handling, grading and holding,  they must have adequate amounts of high quality water and oxygen. This guarantees that our customers receive high quality fish. In the picture to the left you can see all the PVC plumbing for the water and air lines. We have all our holding tanks back in working condition now and are in great shape to ship plenty of fish for stocking ponds this fall. We had our August Slab Sale under our new roof and will have our next one on Sept. 18th. We look forward to seeing many of our current and new customers at this Sale Sale and will keep you posted on when the remainder of building will be completed.


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Introducing…. “Down on the Fish Farm” Series

arial view 3

DID YOU KNOW?…………this is no small fish farm! I don’t think that most of our customers realize that we have a large fish farm at Danbury. Danbury Fish Farms spans over 800 acres and comprises over 100 freshwater lakes or ponds. It is on this farm that your fish for stocking ponds live out their life cycle “on the farm” until they find a new home in your lakes and ponds. These fish are spawned, reared and “tended to” in “our” fish farm ponds. Just as Blue Bell Ice Cream has there “little creamery in Brenham”, most famous wine makers have their “own” vineyards, and thousands of companies have their “own” product production lines, so it goes with Danbury Fish Farms. Most companies realize that in order to produce a very high quality and consistent product, they must do it themselves. Being able to raise our own fish in our own ponds allows us to have tremendous quality control over the end product, fish for stocking ponds,  that our customers receive. Fish are perishable and they can very easily contact diseases that can have significant detrimental post stocking effects. Many fish that pond owners receive from unreliable sources do not survive to become adult fish, they have perished somewhere along the way. Danbury Fish Farms has raised fish for stocking ponds for over 40 years, realizes the importance of producing and delivering “quality” fish for its customers, and is experienced and dedicated to doing just that.

The commercial production of fish in freshwater lakes is referred to as freshwater aquaculture, and this is the business we have been in at Danbury ever since we decided to venture into this business back in 1969, when we built our first 15 acre lake to raise our first catfish. Aquaculture is considered to be agriculture because it is the intensive production of animals. Aquaculture operations are similar to many commercial agriculture operations in that it requires a tremendous amount of initial capital investment to begin a fish farm. Land and water are the two main ingredients to any successful fish farm.

Sagemont - Building Bluegill Pond (showing drain to #34)

The Zwahr’s, having moved to Danbury in the 1950’s, were in the rice and cattle business. Rice and cattle both need land on which to live and grow and rice production requires lots of water. Clarence Zwahr, Kenny’s father, was an innovative entrepreneur, with much insight and started buying land and acquiring water rights upon which to operate his rice and cattle business. When the time was right to diversify into something new in the late 60’s, the land and plentiful water was in place. Once you have the land, then the land must be developed into lakes and ponds. After building our first pond in 1969, we were successful with selling our first crop of fish in 1970, so Clarence and his two sons, Kenny and Brent Zwahr, began to lay out the plans for a “fish farm” to be constructed over what use to be rice farm land. Clarence, being a rice farmer for 15 years, had a lot of knowledge of water, water management and drainage, so many water conservation and water management features were incorporated into this fish farm plan. During the 1970’s, Danbury Fish Farms built freshwater lakes, one lake at a time, and the majority of what is now Danbury Fish Farms was constructed and developed.

 Mgmt 39                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once the major investment in the land, the developed freshwater lakes, and the water is made, then one must invest substantial sums of money in operating equipment. Equipment needed for aquaculture is somewhat similar to that needed for many agriculture operations plus those items needed for fish production and include such things as trucks, tractors, mowers, fish feeders, seine reels, seines, boats and motors, fish graders. Once the land, water and operating equipment is in place, the there must be personnel, along with operating capital, who will operate and manage the fish farm. These people must be dedicated and focused “aquaculturists” and know how to raise and manage fish, in every sense of the word. They must be productive and manage for quality fish. Producing “quality” fish for our customers is the culmination of a very large investment, an intensive day to day production routine that takes focus, hard work and a commitment to excellence, and a love for the business. Being “down on the fish farm” is something our production team has a deep passion to do and  takes very seriously.   

 big bass jumping                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Danbury Fish Farms has been in business producing quality fish for stocking ponds for our customers for over 40 years. While many smaller fish farms, fish brokers and fish distributors have “come and gone” like a plague, Danbury Fish Farms has endured and stood the test of time. During the coming weeks and months in our “Down on the Fish Farm” Series, we will give you much more insight into our operations, what we do, why we do it, and what this means to you our customer. You will begin to gain insight and understand into the importance of dealing with a reputable company, who will “stand behind” what they sell, and why many won’t. Just like a great vineyard prides itself in making fine wine because they control all the variables, our Danbury Team prides itself in providing our customers with the best live fish product your money can buy.

 For more information call Danbury Fish Farms today at 919-922-8414, or email us at info@danburyfishfarms.com , or visit our website at www.danburyfishfarms.com .

Introducing… The Danbury FISHING REPORT Series

       Here at Danbury Fish Farms we take our fishing real serious. Many years ago, we started raising fish for stocking ponds. Way back when, during 1969, we started with only one species and it was the infamous “channel catfish”. As we began stocking catfish into customer’s ponds, they wanted to know where they could get largemouth bass. Well, being the entrepreneurs that we were, we immediately built more freshwater lakes to rear and house our upcoming “new finned fish” the largemouth bass. We were the first private fish hatchery to import and begin production of Florida Bass. We started spawning and rearing Florida Bass as well as Native Northern Bass. This cycle repeated itself over the next 10 years, and it seemed as we were building all our fresh water lakes to create our commercial hatchery and fishery, that we never expected something that started as a “hobby” just a few years earlier to grow into a large and complex commercial aquaculture operation. As we grew, and knew little to nothing about fisheries management, little did we know that we would have to go to the “school of hard knocks” on this as well as many other subjects, to learn many of these management techniques it took to be successful in the business.

        The initial growth of our fisheries operations is attributed to our life long history and passion for the sport of  fishing. My brother, sister and I, beginning at the toddler stage, were taught a love for the water and outdoors, so we were following in the footsteps of parents who’s passion for the outdoors and fishing were second to none. As we developed our freshwater lakes, seemingly one right after the other, the passion to raise an entire spectrum of fish for stocking ponds.

       As our business grew, purely as a result of supply and demand, our customers kept desiring more and more species, until we finally reached the point where we literally “raised everything”. As the years have gone by, we have supplied fish for stocking ponds to literally thousands and thousands of pond owners freshwater lakes across the south.

        As a tribute to our many thousands of customers, we have decided to start a FISHING REPORT series for our customer’s viewing and enjoyment in the future. We will engage our customers in our FISHING REPORT process. You will learn a lot, and laugh a lot, and through it all we hope we can contribute to your passion and memories of fishing and the outdoors. We want to hear and read your fishing reports from your lakes and ponds. Send us your pics!!!! We want to know how we at Danbury Fish Farms have been instrumental in aiding you develop and stock your lakes and what level fishing that has resulted in. We want to hear your testimonials and success stories. Send us your FISHING REPORT. We want to know how we have helped to keep you smiling!

       Watch for coming information relating to our FISHING REPORT series. We look forward to the seeing your smiling faces in our future FISHING REPORTS. For more information on Danbury Fish Farms or how we can create that “lake or pond you have always dreamed of”, call us today at 919-922-8414, email us at info@danburyfishfarms.com , or simply visit our website at www.danburyfishfarms.com.

Something Fishy in Danbury!!!!….Slab Sale – Sept. 18th

       Our regular scheduled monthly day, which falls on the 3rd Saturday of every month, wherein customers drive and gather from the surrounding areas to pick up their fish for stocking ponds is approaching fast. Back in the 1990’s one of our employees coined a phrase and called this day the “Slab Sale Day” and we hung on to that phrase and to this day continue to use it so when you hear or see the Danbury folks use the term “Slab Sale”, you can rest assured that this term, while uncommon to most new customers has some significant history here at Danbury Fish Farms. 

       On September 18th, our next “Slab Sale Day” will certainly be a day where our customers will come to pick up their fish for stocking ponds, BUT promises to be an “extra-ordinary” and landmark day for Danbury Fish Farms and their valued customers. In addition to fish for stocking ponds, our customers will see many, many new exciting venues unfold before their eyes. This Slab Sale will be the first of many of it’s kind that become very “unique” experiences for the customer and their family members.

 Here are some of the things our customers can look forward to at the September 18th Slab Sale:

  • Kenny Zwahr, President and Owner of DFF will be at the slab sale and will be available to talk to. Mr. Zwahr will be sharing many of the new Danbury concepts of fisheries and lake management with the customers
  •  Customers will be able to view our new building and facilities.
  • Customers will be exposed to new products and many of the new concepts that will be forthcoming for Danbury Fish Farms for the future.   
  • Many products will be physically displayed so you can see 1st hand how these products function and perform.
  • Many new lake management techniques will be discussed with our customers.
  • DFF staff will be available to assist customers in learning more about all our products and services. 
  • It is convenient and cost efficient  to pick-up your fish for stocking ponds here at the farm when appropriate. Our Live-pak boxes make it very easy to transport the fish to your lake or pond. These boxes  fit easily into a pickup or SUV.

 Don’t miss this landmark Slab Sale….. Mark your calendar and come on out. We invite you to come whether you are buying any fish or not. There will be lots of extra fish for stocking ponds and much pond and lake management information floating around on that day. Call us today @ 979-922-8414 to book your fish for that day or visit our website www.danburyfishfarms.com to make your reservations for the 18th.

Texas Record Rains!

Texan’s have been blessed with record rain falls after years of drought. Now is the time to stock your lakes! Call us for updated fish prices and new products for your ranches.

We carry dozens of products for lakes and ponds and also provide a quality lake management service through our sister company Danbury Lake Management. Contact us for more information regarding feeders, floating docks, aeration systems and more. Call 979-922-8414


Fish Farms in Texas!

Danbury Fish Farms has been in business over 40 years and the testimony to our success is well documented. Our operation consists of 100+ lakes spanning over 800 acres of water. We provide results that will leave you smiling. Call us today at 979-922-8414.

Danbury’s new Customer Referral Program(CRP)

Danbury is excited about our new Customer Referral Program(CRP) offering  free forage fish or other gifts out of our gift box collection  for 3 referrals that book services or orders from us. Call for details 979-922-8414.

Ranch Management Services

Would you be interested in hearing more about how we can help transform your ranch or property into a better investment? Ask about our new services:

* Land Planning and Consulting Service

* Recreational Property Development

* Ranch Construction and Development Services

* Wildlife-Fisheries Management and Maintenance

* Conservation Easement Planning, Wildlife Exemptions and more! Call us today 979-922-8414.