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Fact Sheets

Danbury Fish Farms Fact Sheet Library

Danbury Fish Farms has a whole host of fact sheets available for our customers’ viewing. You will soon be able to click on any of the links below to visit the Fact Sheet of your choice.


  • Consulting
  • Fish Delivery Services
  • Slab Sale
  • Fish Stocking Services
    • Stocking Considerations
    • Importance of Quality Fish
    • Stocking and Managing Lakes and Ponds
    • Stocking Recommendations Guidelines
  • Types of Fishing Lakes and Ponds
    • Catfish Ponds
    • Natural Bass Ponds
    • Native Bass on Feed Ponds
    • Legacy Bass on Feed Ponds
    • Combination (Catfish & Coppernose Bluegill) Ponds
    • Combination (Bass on Feed & Coppernose Bluegill) Ponds
    • Combination (3 or more species ) Ponds


Sport Fish – For Stocking of Lakes and Ponds

  • Blue Catfish
  • Channel Catfish
  • Largemouth Bass (Florida)
  • Largemouth Bass (Legacy Bass)
  • Largemouth Bass (Native)
  • Hybrid Striped Bass
  • Bluegill Sunfish(Coppernose)

Forage Fish – for stocking of lakes and ponds

  • Bluegill Sunfish(Coppernose)
  • Bluegill Sunfish(Native)
  • Redear Sunfish
  • Fathead Minnows
  • Threadfin Shad
  • Golden Shiners

Fish – for biological vegetation control

  • Triploid Grass Carp
  • Tilapia

Ranch Management Services

Would you be interested in hearing more about how we can help transform your ranch or property into a better investment? Ask about our new services:

* Land Planning and Consulting Service

* Recreational Property Development

* Ranch Construction and Development Services

* Wildlife-Fisheries Management and Maintenance

* Conservation Easement Planning, Wildlife Exemptions and more! Call us today 979-922-8414.