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Customers Enjoy Our New Building

Our “New Building” gets its debut at recent Slab Sale.

On September 19, we had our first slab sale in our newly constructed building. Many of the customers who come to our Monthly slab sales are loyal repeat customers and upon arrival they gave us great reviews and welcomed the “new” setting and our newly established fish holding tanks. This was a long time coming and was like a breath of fresh air servicing our customers in this new setting. For those customers who have never visited one of our slab sales, these photos, may help you visualize our process and give you “fish fever” for the future.

Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 012

Fish are Seined and Prepared for shipment – Fish for stocking ponds are seined from our freshwater lakes and transported with our hauling truck into one of our larger holding tanks. See picture to the left. The fish are then graded, treated and transferred into our smaller tanks where they are readied for shipment to our customers on the day of the slab sale.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 051Upon arrival customers meet with a Danbury Fish Farms representative and pay for their fish. In the photo to the right, Kay Roy helps one of our customers with their paperwork. During this process they usually have fisheries related questions they need to have answered so it is a good time to gather informaiton while asking questions. Many customers love sharing their fishing report from their own fishing trips to their lakes. Many times the fishing report helps us better serve the customer because we notice important key indicators from the fishing report. Because we want our customers’ fishing trips to be highly productive, we go the extra mile to work with our customers on their goals for their fisheries.



Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 043After paying for their fish, the customer’s curiosity has got the best of them. They usually meander around to the various holding tanks to observe the various types and sizes of fish for stocking ponds.  Because fish are seperated by species and sizes, customers usually get to see a lot of fish variety from our own freshwater lakes of our fishery.  In this photo, dad looks on as his 4 sons inspect their fish.


                                                                                                                                                      Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 031The fish are then  dipped up, counted and then eased into heavy plastic bags along with a pre-determined amount of water. The bag is then aired up with oxygen, which supplies the life support system for the fish. In the picture to the right, Brent Zwahr Jr. and Fidel Cardoza bag up a customers fish.




Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 064

 Our customers sometimes travel long distances to receive their fish for pond stocking from our fish farm. These fish are stocked into customers’ freshwater lakes and ponds across the South. In the picture to the left you can see the Danbury Fish Farm Staff loading the Live-Pak containers into this customers’  vehicle.


Cust - Slab Sale - 09-21-10 035It is our goal to help all our customers and their families develop greal lakes and ponds for their families, friends, colleagues and/or business associates  to enjoy consistent and successful fishing trips to their lakes and ponds for years to come.  As you can see, the Slab Sales are exciting times for those who come down to Danbury to experience our fisheries operations and pick up their fish. If you have a pond to stock, give us a call today at 979-922-8414 to place your order for fish and schedule your time to pick up your fish at our next Slab Sale.

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