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aerial1Danbury Fish Farms is an 800-acre aquaculture facility that produces and stocks high-quality freshwater fish in individual lakes and ponds, public waters, urban waterfront communities, and many recreational facilities. We have been in business for over 40 years and were the first private hatchery to import Florida Bass into Texas in 1973.

Owner and operator Kenneth Zwahr has acquired experience and knowledge in those thirty plus years and in 1986 he used that knowledge and love for the sport of fishing to create one of the country’s premiere sport fishing facilities, The Lakes of Danbury. Record growth of the bass population was achieved by implementing the management plan designed by Mr. Zwahr. This knowledge and experience is what Danbury Fish Farms is eager to share with it’s clients.

Danbury Fish Farms has a wide variety of freshwater fish in a range of sizes to choose from. Our staff will assist you in developing a stocking and management plan according to what you want for your lakes or ponds. We have specialized delivery trucks which insure healthy fish are delivered directly to your waters. And for those with smaller orders, we have scheduled days and packaging that make picking your fish up easy and convenient.

We also offer a full line of lake management products and services, through our sister company, Danbury Lake Management www.danburylakemanagement.com.

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This story starts back in the 50’s. In a little town called Danbury, Texas.

Seems Texans have always been known for raising things Bigger and Better, like cattle and cotton. Well, if the truth be told, the same is true about fish.

The Zwahrs came to Danbury in the early 50’s to raise cattle and farm rice . The farm had some large reservoirs used to irrigate the rice and slake the thirsts of the cattle. Well, being the enterprising sorts that they are, they decided to get the most use out of the reservoirs they could, so they built a small lake and started raising catfish in it.

Pretty soon, word had spread about the quality and size of these Zwahr catfish, so they decided to market them to the general public. This was in 1969.

About this time, the owner, Kenneth Zwahr, noticed folks wanted more than just catfish, so he started studying all he could get his hands on about other types of fresh water fish. He attended schools and seminars, talked to experts. And before long, he’d become an expert himself. So mush so that even today, Danbury Fish Farms is famous for being up to date, some would say the leaders, in the field of fresh water fish production and management. That’s proven in the fact that Danbury Fish Farms has grown from one little lake to over 100 lakes covering more than 800 acres.

But don’t think all this success has gone to their heads. It hasn’t. It has gone to their fish!

Because they realize what made them big can also make them small again–THEIR CUSTOMERS. That’s why, even though they’ll continue to use newer methods to raise fish, they’ll still rely on the same old proven methods to sell their fish-keeping their customers happy.

So there you have it. A Fish Story that’s also quite a success story. Now you attribute a large part of this success to the Zwahrs being Texans and such, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But if the truth were told, the real reasons behind their success are short and simple. They gave their customers what they wanted. And they did it better than anyone else.

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