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Danbury SmallsTexas’ largest and oldest fish hatchery…Danbury Fish Farms.

Danbury Fish Farms has successully been in business for over 40 years and the testimony to our success is well documented. Our operation consists of 100+ lakes spanning over 800 acres of water. We provide results that will leave you smiling.

We hope that you can find some useful information about our favorite pastime, which also happens to be our business. Be sure to ask about our Fact Sheet Library, which contains information about the many products and services we offer. We feel fortunate to be able to share our obsession of fishing with you.

Danbury Fish Farms proudly introduces the  “LEGACY BASS”.

Kenny holding two BIG BASS#1 at Lake Leona! Best Picture (12-02)

Danbury Fish Farms is no stranger to “big” largemouth bass. Kenny Zwahr, Owner and President of Danbury Fish Farms,  has been producing a variety of sub-species of largemouth bass for over 40 years now. Kenny, pictured in the photo to the left, is holding two selectively bred Florida Bass that are some of the parent stock to our “Legacy Bass”. Producing Quality Bass fisheries for our customers has been one of Danbury Fish Farms specialties for many, many years. Kenny quotes “I have raised and killed more big bass through my learning experience  as an “aquaculturists” than most any three people combined will see in a life time”. Kenny utilized and capitalized on his expertise with largemouth bass production when he founded and established “The Lakes of Danbury”, that soon after founding, became nationally known as the best freshwater fishing complex in the Southern US.

jeff fletcher with two 10# bass @ Lake Leona (good picture!)

Jeff Fletcher, Danbury Fish Farms’ fisheries biologist, pictured to the left with two more of our prized Florida brood fish, has been working on the production of a new line of “high quality, fast growing” bass that exceed normal growth rates of other bass. These bass are being produced to grow fast and bite very well, two definite characteristics that will assure our customers that when utilizing the Legacy Bass in their fishery, that they will attain extraordinary results. Danbury Fish Farms has a few of these bass left for the 2010 season, but will have a very good supply of these in spring of 2011. These bass are destined to sell fast so if you are interested in reserving some of the Legacy Bass for your lake or pond,

Please call today!!!. Please Contact Danbury Fish Farms at 979-922-8414, or email us at sales@danburyfishfarms.com, to reserve your Legacy Bass for your lake or pond.

Stocking and Managing Lakes and Ponds

Stocking lakes and ponds is more of an art than a science.  Our company’s primary goal is to assist our customers in maximizing their aquatic fisheries resources…

kz speaking at seminar In order to maximize our customer’s fisheries resource and money invested, we help educate them concerning the  many variables that affect their fish for stocking ponds and lakes and then their subsequent fisheries and lake management. In over 40 years of working with thousands of customers, we  have found that customer education and awareness in these areas that affect their fisheries and their resources, greatly assists the pond owner in correctly stocking and managing their resource, and exponentially increases the chance of their overall success. The logical and correct approach to stocking customer’s fisheries correctly is to first of all know what the customer’s goals are for each lake or pond that will be stocked. One the goal is defined and known, then each lake or pond must be properly evaluated. There are many, many variables that must evaluated and include but are not limited to: size of pond, depth of pond, internal contours and characteristics, drain type and size, water supply, watershed, water quality, anticipated management practices, and geographic location. Stocking and managing a lake with future goals and expectations in mind takes a definite strategy and plan. This strategy and plan is the highest objective to consider and should be the very first thing a customer completes off their “checklist” to success.

Lake and ponds are complex entities. Being successful with your lake or pond project is not as simple as just driving down to Danbury and picking up fish for stocking ponds, and then waiting in anticipation for spectacular results to occur 1-2 years later. It simply doesn’t happen that way or that easy. Successful results are a product of “well thought out and planned” stocking and management strategies for your fisheries, followed by a methodical and consistent  lake or pond management plan. Since every situation is a little different, we highly recommend that  you call us and allow us to help you make the right decisions in order to achieve the results you desire for your fisheries. It is our desire to assist you and to help you feel very comfortable that you are stocking the correct type, size and quantity of fish in order to reach your goal for each of your lake(s) or pond(s).

The following are some of those important items you need to be aware of to insure success that when acquiring fish for stocking ponds or when considering pond or lake management issues.  Read More

Latest News

  • February 5th, 2013

    Danbury Fish Farms Remains The Best Texas Fish Hatchery

    Danbury Fish Farms is the oldest and largest Texas Fish Hatchery offering various species and quantities of freshwater fish for sale. Our operation has been selling fish for stocking ponds to families, ranchers, and businesses for over 40 years. New state-of-the-art facilities offer an exciting venue to visit the farm and buy freshwater fish!

  • September 25th, 2012

    Customers Enjoy Our New Building

    Our “New Building” gets its debut at recent Slab Sale. On September 19, we had our first slab sale in our newly constructed building. Many of the customers who come to our Monthly slab sales are loyal repeat customers and upon arrival they gave us great reviews and welcomed the “new” setting and our newly established fish holding tanks. This was a long […]

  • September 12th, 2011

    Danbury Fish Farm Gets “Long Awaited” Facelift.

    In late 2008, Hurricane Ike, like so many other hurricanes, made it’s way down “hurricane alley” and plowed right into Galveston, only 30 miles East of Danbury. Danbury was on the West side of the storm and while not receiving the “brunt” of the storm, our fisheries facility got our fair share. The Danbury fish hatchery and holding […]

Fish Products

We carry dozens of products for lakes and ponds and also provide a quality lake management service through our sister company Danbury Lake Management. Contact us for more information regarding feeders, floating docks, aeration systems and more. Call 979-922-8414

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